San Francisco, CA

Vicky Chen is a multi-disciplinary designer striving to create meaningful digital experiences. She enjoys going to outdoor/sporting goods stores, listening to true crime, and exploring the nuances of life. Previously @ PrixWorkshop.



01 Super Power Personality Test

    Personality test design.   

02 Briefcase

    A job finding app.

03 Digital In-Airport Experience

    Eden Spiekermann class sponsored project.

Graphic Design

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Coffee Map

Super Power Personality Test

Personality test design.

A passion project between two friends who love personality tests– Take the test to find out what super power you possess!

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a job finding app. 

Briefcase is an app that allows people that are looking to work, to find jobs by swiping through their options and for employers that are looking for employees to swipe on potential applicants.  

coming soon...

Star Alliance: ANA

Digital In-Airport Experience

For the Star Alliance airlines, we were assigned to create a solution for the issue of dead time during flight layovers. Whether it be activity or just finding a place to snooze, we want to create a more enjoyable experience for those boring flights.