San Francisco, CA

Vicky Chen is a multi-disciplinary designer striving to create meaningful digital experiences. She enjoys going to outdoor/sporting goods stores, listening to true crime, and exploring the nuances of life. Previously @ PrixWorkshop.



01 Super Power Personality Test

    Personality test design.   

02 Briefcase

    A job finding app.

03 Digital In-Airport Experience

    Eden Spiekermann class sponsored project.

Graphic Design

coming soon...

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Hello, nice to meet you :)! My name is Vicky. I am a recent graphic design BFA graduate @ California State University, Long Beach. 
Previously @ PrixWorkshop.

I am deeply curious and passionate about the science of design– valuing innovations that enhance digital experiences and foster social connections. As a designer, I am always exploring unfamiliar territories and experimenting with new ideas. I am always searching for new opportunities– Don't be shy, reach out!

Let’s grab a coffee! Maybe I can tell you a joke or two. >:)

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