San Francisco, CA

Vicky Chen is a multi-disciplinary designer striving to create meaningful digital experiences. She enjoys going to outdoor/sporting goods stores, listening to true crime, and exploring the nuances of life. Previously @ PrixWorkshop.



01 Super Power Personality Test

    Personality test design.   

02 Briefcase

    A job finding app.

03 Digital In-Airport Experience

    Eden Spiekermann class sponsored project.

Graphic Design

coming soon...

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Coffee Map

spring 2024solo work, class projectduration: 6 weekstools: figma, illustratorUI/UX Logo Design  iOS Mobile App Design



Assignment– Create an iOS application protoype that includes a form of in-app social interaction.
Briefcase is an app that allows people that are looking to work, to find jobs by swiping through their options and for employers that are looking for employees to swipe on potential applicants.

00The Problem


In 2024, the job market faced unprecedented challenges, reaching historically low levels of employment opportunities. Recognizing the urgent need for an innovative solution, I developed a job-finding app protoype, designed to streamline the search process for both employers and applicants. This app simplifies the task of job hunting and hiring by offering intuitive tools that match qualified candidates with suitable positions efficiently. By leveraging user-friendly interfaces, the app not only enhances the job search experience but also significantly improves the chances of finding the right fit for everyone.

00The Process